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Premium sustainable coastal adventure gear
About Us

At TIDL we are focused on creating clothing and gear for your coastal adventures manufactured from recycled plastics and sustainable materials.

Our aim is to help our customers make a difference by ensuring our products contribute to a better, cleaner world. We’re trying to close the loop by making products for your daily adventures from recycled and waste materials. TIDL is for those who love the outdoors and want to make choices that protect our planet.

Ocean Health

We may call it  the ‘Blue Planet’, but there is a lot we don’t know about our big blue. Over 80% of our oceans remain unexplored. But here’s what we do know. Our oceans have absorbed over 90% of the heat from global warming. We know that over half the oxygen we breathe is produced by our oceans. We know that our oceans absorb a third of the carbon produced by human activity. They are home to 80% of life on earth. They also just happen to be the world’s biggest and best playground. We know that without healthy oceans we are doomed.

Our mission is to do our bit, and help you to do yours, to protect and nurture our oceans for future generations.

Climate Action

We conduct our business responsibly and always think of our environment. We are constantly working to minimise our negative impacts on the planet, and to maximise the benefits we can bring. This means working closely with our suppliers to create sustainable products, using recycled materials, working with our partners to support initiatives, and constantly optimising our end-to-end product lifecycle to ensure the minimum negative climate and environmental impact.

Enjoy your adventures and make a difference

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